Chris Wilcox_Captiva


"When Chris Wilcox first wrote the opening lines to his new single, "Captiva", he had in mind a family vacation spot on Florida's North Captiva Island (featured in his "Drive" music video). As he continued writing the song, he realized the song was more about Charleston than it ever was about North Captiva Island. Charleston is the place where Chris first learned who he was as a person, where he formed roots and learned how to be a man. 

In "Captiva", Wilcox explores a common theme in his music: growing up, or at least trying to, without allowing yourself to forget about where you came from. The difference with "Captiva" is not only a continued maturation in the Chris Wilcox sound, but also some sheer production value that sets this song apart from anything that he's recorded in the past." - Chris Huber, Extra Chill (linked below)

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