Mastering Checklist

Please double check spelling and information. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

In the order they will appear on the album
List Engineers, Producers, Songwriters, Performers, etc...
Is a DDP needed for physical pressings? *
If you plan on doing physical copies, you will most likely need this.
WAV, Mp3, etc...
Are instrumentals needed? *
If no label, put independent.
If applicable but not required.
Share the artists and albums which most inspire you. These will be used as sonic references in the mastering process.
What are your hopes and dreams for the mastering process?
Deadline *
When do you need it by?
What is your projected mastering budget?
Has the artist/band approved the mixes? *
Check one box
Who do I invoice? Please list a name and email.
Please feel free to ask questions. Communication will give us the best end product, which is my goal. I work until you are happy so feel free to communicate.